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As I think a forum should be used to pass on any handy tips that will help all student members and members in practice.

I would like to pass on this as it has helped me for remembering
PEV Exam Fixed Overheads Variances

E A B F Expenses Actual Budgeted Figures
V B A U Volume Budgeted Actual Units
C B A H Capacity Budgeted Actual Hours
E A S U Efficiency Actual Standard Units/Hours

How I remember it is
evce, abba, saab (backwards), and FUHUH thank goodness thats over!!

I hope this helps anyone and I do not want any donations!!:001_smile:

And Good luck with your exams!:001_smile:


  • Portsmouth_AAT
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    I use a similar way and have done for all AAT exams, shorten ratios to the first letters etc and repeat them until I can chant my heart out with them off by heart!! :blushing: sad I know but it really works for me.

    Then once in the exam I do tend to write them down on workings page as soon as we can start so the "moment" of remembering them isnt lost :confused1: then just turn to the page when I need to use them and it all seems to come together!!

    Think this is a great forum for suggestions on how to remember bits!! :thumbup:
  • AK002
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    I tend to just type up my notee for months on end lol!
  • Hayman
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    Anyone else have any good tips on passing any of the exams?
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