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Does any one subcontract to an accountancy practice.... accounts prep from basic and incomplete records.....

What rate do you charge/get paid?

Also for those of you in practice what do you pay your subcontract book keepers etc?



  • deanshepherd
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    I pay £15 an hour to my regular newly AAT qualified subbie. That is very much on the cheap side but he does not have extensive practice experience so I fully expect his rate to go up as he gains experience.

    I have subcontracted for other firms for 1/3rd of the accounts fee which is a pretty common arrangement - saves mistrust over time spent on a job.

    I also used to subcontract for £200 a day (a few years ago now tho..).
  • blobbyh
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    Our credit controller/supplementary accounts support was contracted to us via his limited company at £20 per hour - Hove, East Sussex - until we recently let him go due to the downturn. While he did have official credit control qualifications and was 25 years CIMA qualified, alas he had weak Excel skills and virtually no CPD so became less of a resource as the crunch hit.
  • Tiger
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    As I suspected.... It looks like i'm being underpaid by quite a bit compared to those figures ... not exactly the climate to get a better rate at the moment tho ?????
  • TraceyAnn
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    I used to be paid £17.50 per hour but they decided to take on fulltime staff instead.
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