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    ok then..................i wont be coming on too see if you did poost then ?
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    You will see it on Monday?!
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    jow774 wrote: »

    Why would you subject your children to such places?


    Hey, Mansfield is my home town (plus Kirkby and Sutton) and although I wouldn't want to move back there after all these years it's always nice to go back occasionally and revisit my roots.

    Not sure if Sandiacre is Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire but it's near Long Eaton / Stapleford and also where Paul24 lives.
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    I was in a silly mood and felt like being a little silly, apologies, I wont let it happen again. I will only post sensible comments in the questions forum and leave the fun in its little box in Mansfield.

    Im not hardcore enough to post on here anyway, just thought Id try my luck, lol.
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    Soft northerner...
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    Southern Jessie!
  • blobbyh
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    Great big southern Jessie to you...
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