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Out of interest, am I the only person newly AAT qualified, working in an accounts department for (very nearly) minimum wage?

3 years in same company with increasing responsibility (and workload!), currently sales and purchase ledger for medium size business plus management accounts for smaller business, now starting CIMA and due to move to a more management accounts-based role early next year.
Yes, we have a recession, and no pay rises since June 2007.
Studying fully funded... but could I do better?


  • Andypandy
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    I think so, have you taken a look at the jobsearch sites to see what similar vacancies are paying?
  • AK002
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    You can always do better imo.

    But is it worth the risk, in as you say, a current downturn in the eco. climate.

    I'd ask for a pay review, and maybe a meeting with HR to discuss it?

    But yes do have a look on job sites for similar jobs and see, should give you a rough idea.

    There is also a average pay indicator on Hayes website.
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