I want to buy old books for Technician/Diploma

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Hello everyone,I am kindly asking for anyone who has finished using thier Technician level or Dipoma level books from Osbourne to sell them to me please.I was doing the Diploma pathway but have moved places so what is offered close to me os the NVQ pathway which is still ok but a little help with text books is needed as the college fees for the books there are a bit expensive.

many thanks :crying:


  • SandyHood
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    One word of warning Mapry, some of the exams will require different knowledge to that in June 09. So papers such as PEV and PCR are good to study for with second hand books as the syllabus has not changed, but the finance act each year affects the tax papers.
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  • mapry
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    many thanks for that did not know about that so wil put it into account...:thumbup1:
  • tonitowle
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    I have my old kaplan books available if they're of any interest to you?
    I found them very helpful & have just passed my exams first time using them.

    I have available
    UNIT 8/9 PEV/PCR
    UNIT 15 - OCMCC
    UNIT 17 - IAP

    Let me know if youre interested and any sensible offer will be accepted :001_smile:
  • mapry
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    many thanks for this, I have done Unit 15 already so I would need Unit 8/9/17 where abouts are you located?
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