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So now i'm really wanting to do AAT for almost definate and so is a very good friend of mine are in this together, we both did AS Accounting. So he linked me to the AAT Online test which once you complete it tells you what level you should do of AAT.

So i did the test... and... i got.. 89%! :cool2:

Getting 89% means that i can start on Level 3 straight away, and so can my friend. I still have to some unit 2 modules, but i think its all in one year.

So most likely i'm going to do this.

Should i do this? And shall i start looking for placements now?

Thanks in advance!:thumbup1::thumbup1:


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    I think this means you start on Intermediate level, so would have 2 years to complete to be AAT qualified. Meaning you skip the Foundation level, there may be a simulation (basically an in class test the tutor marks and if happy sends to AAT to be verified, if not they ask you to complete additional questions until they are happy) you need to do but this can be done whilst studying the Intermediate. A girl joined our intermediate level like this.

    Best plan of action is to contact the college you want to study at (if thats your means of study) and they can advise for deffinate.

    Good Luck and if a friend is doing it too you can support each other! :thumbup:
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