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Hi Everyone

Has anyone got any ideas/experience of books available covering Costing in the MAC unit for the Diploma Pathway?

I'm really struggling with this subject, but find the Osborne books on the subject confusing to say the least

Please help!


  • Richard
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    I was actually going to recommend the Osborne book to you. I used it for my exam last year, it is a bit hard going initially, but stick with it, get lots of practice questions, and it will start making sense!

    Which parts are you struggling with?
  • Bookworm55
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    I often had difficulty with the style of the Osborne books (which my college taught from). Don't be afraid to look around your college library for costing books written by other authors.

    I always recommend "Cost and Management Accounting" by Colin Drury for the costing topics. It is literally my most-used accounting textbook and I've got a lot out of it over the past few years. It does cover more than you need for the AAT though, and some people find it hard to work with. I think it's worth a look though.
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