AAT QUALIFIED (what a great feeling)

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I passed all my Technician exams in one year so am now AAT QUALIFIED. It feels fantastic to be finally there after doing the Foundation, Intermediate and Technician stages and to be rewarded at the end with AAT Qualified Status with the opportunity to apply for full membership (MAAT).

It's strange but when I first started Foundation Level, CIMA seemed a million miles away and I thought I would be satisfied with AAT Qualified Status and not proceed any further. However now that i've got to the end (feels like a marathon) I am on a high and feel like I can achieve anything so can't wait to tackle CIMA in October (bring it on!!!).

Would love to hear your feelings on being AAT Qualified whether you are there now or aiming to be there eventually.


  • AK002
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    I'll let you know when i get there..

    (Starting Technician course next week!)

  • Karen L
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    Just had my AAT full membership email that states I have MAAT after my name - feels brilliant ! A lot of time given up to studying so now I feel I am over the first hurdle and on to my next ... :001_smile:
  • shawn michaels
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    I am also MAAT now after last week. Wish i could enjoy it but I have a job interview to think about and then hopefully go further with ACCA with a supportive employer. Not easy in the recession though but if I don't try then I don't get. But it does feel great to have the AAT back my credentials on job applications now.
  • steveJ
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    Congrats on completing the course. I'm aiming all the way to the end and get onto the ACCA. I recently passed the foundation, so have jumped straight on to the intermediate. I'm gonna make sure that all this studying is going to pay off.

    Can I just ask how many of you actually work in accountancy/finance ??
    SUZAQ Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
    Work Experience

    I work in finance so parts of the AAT I could relate back to my current role. However there is a big part that I do not cover so may have to see what other opportunities lie ahead for me if I want to get on.

    Would love to have a salary increase in rewards for my achievements and AAT Qualified status but I don't think that will happen where I work, plus the recession does not help!
  • Andypandy
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    Well done!
  • lewpylew
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    Well done you!! I am still on a high after passing PCR & PEV so can only guess how great you must feel!!!!

    I chose to do technician over 2 years as I work f/t, have 2 children(3&5) and wanted to make it more achievable.....
  • Cariann65
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    Congratulations all of you! Only a year to go for me.

  • Pigpen
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    Yep MAAT - This was waiting in my inbox this morning

    Congratulations - you are now a full member!

    Your application for MAAT status has been successful. We elected you as a full member of the AAT earlier today.

    Two years - Working full time - Distance learning - Very proud of myself

    Now doing ATT as I want to work for myself :thumbup1:- First exams in November - Better get on with it then!
  • karenv
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    Yep I officially became MAAT on friday too!
    Made it at last!:thumbup:
  • lessci
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    I've Qualified, but got to wait to pay day to Apply for me MAAT status :crying:, then its time to hit the jobs pages, still unsure whether I want to do CIMA or ACCA, so I'm having a short break and planning to start studying again after Christmas.
  • Richard
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    Do they confirm your MAAT by email? I applied last Tuesday morning, but haven't heard anything yet.
    SUZAQ Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
    Juggling Act

    I think you should receive a confirmation email from the AAT that you are now MAAT. Not sure how long the process takes from the time you submit your application to the time you have been accepted as a member.
    I will apply soon, heads in a spin at the moment.

    For those of you raising kids and juggling work and study, it is hard work but can be done!!! I am a single parent who works full time in finance. I also have 3 kids (11, 9 and 6). After a 11 year break after completing AAT Foundation and Intermediate Levels (was 7 months pregnant when I sat my final Intermediate exam), I decided to finally go back to college last September and do the final year (Technician). I was warned that it would be too much for me with work, kids and a 11 year break plus Technician is twice as hard as Intermediate so I started to have doubts whether MAAT would be achievable for me. The tutor there was brilliant and gave me great confidence. She told me that as long as I put the work in and apply myself correctly, I would be fine.

    11 months later, here I am 'AAT Qualified' passing my Technician exams on the first attempt. It's all about believing in yourself.
    So if I can do it, ANYONE CAN!!!
  • karenv
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    It took mine about a week to come through.
    They send you an email confirming you are now MAAT.
  • westham17
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    Completed intermediate stage NVQ thank god. Now progressing onto the technician stage.
    Thinking of doing this via distance learning with Kaplan due to not being able to get to college. Does anyone have any experiences of distance learning?

    Also does anyone know how the modules are set out in the technician as I understand there are optional modules.

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