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Glynis Registered Posts: 488 Dedicated contributor 🦉
I know I have asked you loads of questions on here for which I have been critisised for by others but don't worry this isn't another question.

I just wanted to say you are the best and I really do appreciate the help you have given me lately. Your knowledge and help is fabulous.

I hope you also don't view me as a hinder.



  • Steve Collings
    Steve Collings Registered Posts: 997 Epic contributor 🐘
    Don't worry Glynis - you're fine.

    I'm just glad you got through DFS:thumbup1:

    I need to go forward now and get the next lot of students on here through DFS and so you need to look forward as well. Finish your IAP and then move on to your ACCA.

    Best wishes

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