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I was extremely dissapointed to find i had failed section 2 on both my PEV & DFS exams. In the six weeks leading up to my exams i found out i was pregnant then two days later found i maybe made redundant. Two weeks after this i lost my job and then had to be applying for new ones with the stress of looking for a job and trying to get employed while pregnant and revising for exams i then lost the baby.

I was wondering if it would be worth the effort of appealing my exams results as i did revise hard for them and i feel that my tutors knowing the circumstances and the amount of personal stress i was under this should have been taken into consideration. However the AAT guidelines on appeal state that if you didn't tell them at the time then it is 'too late' how can it possibly be too late! an appeal is an appeal..... does anyone have any suggestions? I have never failed an exam before.

Many thanks


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    I think it all depends on you, appeals are costly and take time!! only you will know if you think you put enough into the exam to pass.

    If you know you were under stress etc, then maby you didnt show your true knowledge or skills through the exam, its hard to remember stuff.
    I was convinced I had failed MAC as I also had a hard time finding out a close friend was terminally ill the weekend before the exam, after college I only managed one practice exam paper prior to the exam and finished that about 11pm the night before, I want happy with that either so didnt hold out much hope for the exam.

    My aim if i failed was to just get my head back in the books after the results and be prepared for Dec resits.

    I wish you luck if you do appeal or if you resit in Dec. :001_smile:
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