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Hi, I have just suprisingly passed my Intermediate exams, both parts. Was a total shock as I thought I had fluffed it!

Now I am trying to decide if I want to continue onto technician level to complete the diploma. I'm not finding the AAT website very helpfull, I'm just looking for a basic guidline to what technician is about. I know it's exams and projects, but about what?! How long do you have on projects? I hear there is a choice of which areas you study? What are they!? I can't find a simple breakdown of the course on the website, just past papers.

If anyone could help please, that would be great! I need to make a decision soon as the course starts in September!!

Thanks!! :o)


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    Hello there,

    Technician level is alot harder and takes more time that foundation and intermediate level...

    Breakdown of what I did and timeline....

    September 08 - started at colleague.
    December 08 - took two external exams - Performance and value (PEV) and Performance and Control - (PCR).
    January 2009 - Internal exam out cash control and cash management.
    June 09 - two external exams - Drafting Financial statement (DFS) and Business Tax (BTC)

    If you did not want to take business tax you can opt for personal tax. I think you can also do auditing.

    Project is 4000 words and you normally have until the Feb/Mar to complete this - it all depends on the timeline given by your college. If you need anything else please let me know.
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    Have a look at Kaplans website. They have a brochure to download showing what AAT is all about and it includes which are the compulsory units and which are the optional ones. You can take as long as you need to do the project. With Kaplan you submit the project for review and it can take around 6 drafts to get it spot on.
    Good luck.
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    Wow... So happy now Pamela.... I only sumitted mine twice before it was signed off.... xxx
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