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Has anybody got any advise on the format of work experience? Do i basically list what my job requires of me and what i do - Have been meaning to pull this together for sometime and just dont know where to start with it!

Any advise would be gratfully appreciated


  • Claire321
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    You can copy your job description and/or make a list of the duties you perform. I made a list starting with my job description and added all the other tasks I do to it. I did this for each job I have done in accounting.

    Its easy to submit your work experience on the AAT website through your MY AAT logon, under the heading "manage my account".

    The website takes you through a number of easy steps - stating the dates of your employment, job title, duties, no of hours you work and if you spend 50% of work time or more on accounting duties. You have to give a work referee, e.g your manager's email address, then AAT will email them to confirm.
  • Alicia
    Alicia Registered Posts: 40 ? ? ?
    Thanks Claire - i think i was over complicating it thinking about it and putting it off!! Your help is kindly appreciated..xXx :001_smile:
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