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Hi there

I am really needing some help with starting on unit 10, the examples given in the Kaplan book don't really relate to my job role.

I work within the research office at a University in a finance role, so not in the main operating finance department. My role is to deal with research grants awarded to the university by setting budgets up onto the system, monitoring expenditure through to preparing financial claims. A new finance system was introduced last year and a large project team was given the task to make sure the new system was upto speed with what departments wanted from it.

I am just going round in circles thinking what shall I do, so any ideas would be really welcome please.

Thank you


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    can you ask the project team who implemented the new system why and how they did it. they should have all the research and you might be able to use that as a base.

    i am using a previous system that worked, and i am proposing they use it in a new office. i am having to fluff around with it to make it look current, but i am sure you could do the same thing.

    the bonus would be that you now know the system works, so you can work backwards, if that makes any sense.

    Hope that helps

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    Have you tried the AAT website for help, theres a step by step slide thing that helps with planning and ideas etc.

    Even changing the process you do for a particular part of your job can be counted, so If you file in numerical order but Alpha would save you time, it doesnt have to be a major project, just someting that if implemented would save time/money etc. And it doesnt HAVE to be implemented, you could say it wasnt considered the right time to implement it etc.

    My first step on the Project was to do a brain storm of things id like to change in my job and why and I went from there!!
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