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BPP CIMA Question?

YestinYestin Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 83

Was just wondering if any one knows if when studying CIMA with BPP (home study) do you get the classroom notes as you do on the Kaplan one?:confused1:



  • NeilHNeilH Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 547

    No, unfortunately you don't! A shame really, I did BPP taught courses and the notes were fantastic (I think better than the Kaplan ones - though Kaplan may have changed now), the texts book was only used for additional question practice.

    BPP used to do a "KickStart" course were you could pay to do just the first day of the taught course and get all of the materials - inc (I assume) the notes. They dont seem to offer this on their booking forms but might be worth asking your nearest centre. I think it is theoretically possible to buy the notes from BPP publishing, but they are circa £150! You could try ebay, or ask on here if anyone has some old one's they are prepared to sell.

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