CIMA Funding Help

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I am hoping that my employer is going to fund my CIMA training starting in September and I know I am very honoured and lucky if this happens. I am in the process of filling in the funding application but my minds just really gone blank of what to put (must have been all the AAT studying!) even though its obvious it will benefit the company too.

So if anyone could help me with the questions below just to help me on my way to answering them suitably that would be great.

1) State 3 key reasons why you wish to engage in this study (inc how will support personal dvelopment/career aspirations) ?500 words max

2) How will this programme benefit you in your current role (im a finance officer)? 200 words max

3) How will the outcomes of your study be generalised to your department/faculty and the company strategy? 200 words max.

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