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Sandradea New MemberRegistered Posts: 5

i sat my aat intermediate exams in June, i failed both on the second section, i have been looking at take the cbe i have done the ECR and the FRA but i have failed them too on the practice.

my main problem is that i want to sit the exams ASAP but i am not able to see where i am going wrong, as there is no answers.

does anyone know where i can find the answers, and more practise cbe exams.



  • Laura Cameron
    Laura Cameron Feels At Home Registered Posts: 46

    You will be able to get access to the june 09 answers online if you fo past papers. If you log in to Myaat and it willsay you are currently studying toward nvq level 3... if you click here you willg et the answers to the papers and also the chief assesors report.

    It will look like this below :
    Study zone - past exam papers, familiarisation simulations and more...

    You are currently on your way to completing the qualification(s) listed below. Please access study support, including past exam papers, by selecting a unit from the levels below.

    NVQ/SVQ Intermediate - 2003 standards

    You can also go to our qualification page for full details of all our qualifications and support.

    Sorry i cannot help with the cbe as i do not know much about these.

    Laura x
  • flower
    flower Well-Known Registered Posts: 160
    I too failed and have to resit both ECR and FRA. Knew where I went wrong on part one of FRA. Passed 2nd part. Cant see where I went wrong on ECR.
    Problem with the practice CBE is that you have to have the time to actually sit and do it all before you get the result. It does not appear to be like other simulations where it tells you if the answer is incorrect.
    Am re-sitting both next week and just revising like mad again. Think thats all you can do really.
  • Sandradea
    Sandradea New Member Registered Posts: 5
    thank you flower i was feeling that i was the only one who faild both.

    i wish you all the luck for next week and hope you pass.

    i think i will try doing the cbe prac online again and see when i pass online prac i will be able to book the proper cbe exams. i think in my case it is just conferdence building, and making sure i a revise as much as possable.

    please let me know how you get one next week.

  • aj7861
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    Well the CBE is tough, i was fortunate enough at level2 to be able to do it instead of the paper based, i did not fail or anything but my college decided to do the CBE, this was may 08. my girlfriend just recently sat the CBE for FRA as she failed, she worked hard and revised while i made the arrangements for her to sit the CBE and this monday, 6 days after her initial fail, she passed and now she is coming on the level 4 with me:thumbup::thumbup1::001_smile:, she too failed the practise CBE twice but past it third time, so proud of her and our tutor was so happy that she done the CBE and passed it and as she passed it so quick, our good tutor decided that he would forget she failed one section before and put it down as she passed first time as she passed so quickly. but guys and girls, you just got to work hard and give the CBE a try, rather that then wait for december:001_smile:
  • flower
    flower Well-Known Registered Posts: 160
    Thanks. I too thought I was the only one who had failed both exams. I too passed both papers on part 1 on ECR and part 2 of FRA but very frustrating have to do the CBEs in order to get onto Level 4. Am just going to practice and revise like mad.
    Good Luck with your resit. Mine is on Saturday but so far am not feeling very confident.
  • flower
    flower Well-Known Registered Posts: 160
    Passed FRA today. Was quite tough but revised hard. Failed ECR mainly due to training provider. Started us 45 minutes late and computers freezing complete fiasco and constant movement by different people. Found it really hard to concentrate and sure this led to failure. At least though I can now go on to Technician Level and either resit CBE in October or paper in December. Have to say though think I prefer paper.
    The only thing I will say for FRA CBE it does make you think and if the answer is not in the drop down menu then you have the wrong answer in some cases that is. Good Luck with yours. Let me know how you get on.
  • Sandradea
    Sandradea New Member Registered Posts: 5
    well done flower i am so happy for you, i have given up on the fra for the time being, but i have managed to pass the practise ecr now, so i am sitting ecr for real on 14th sep.

    i am revising as much as poss, but i know if i do too much i will just confuse myself. did you find it much like the practise ones on the here ?

    well you now have one done and one to do, lets hope i will be the same next week.
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