Setting up a business ? Whats needed ?

Hello everyone,

Ive been selling a few bits and pieces on ebay for a while now and wanted to take it a bit more serious and was wondering if anyone had any info on setting up as a sole trader ?

Im looking at setting up a website as i have linked up with a few suppliers so am ready to strat buying and selling properly.

Ive just started studying the advanced certificate and have never worked in accounts so i just need an idea on what records to keep, best place to keep them i.e computer program etc.

Thanks everyone for any details...



  • blobbyh
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    Hi Steve,

    Raging Pineapples had a similar query a few months ago in the members section;

    Have a quick read plus the members section is always worth having a root through even if you're not qualified to pick up valuable knowledge and tips from the MIP's who inhabit that part of the forum.

    As for your accounts, keep records of income and expenditure, post questions in the members section if necessary while learning FRA and kindly ask Annette aka Blue Wednesday if she'll let you have a copy of her Excel based accounts (assuming she still has it!) to play with.
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