HELP! Im new

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I am just about to start my AAT qualifications and job in September and i am complete nervous reck. Just wondered if anyone had any good advice.


  • Portsmouth_AAT
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    I was in a similar position, I started a new job 2 years ago, much more Accounts based than my previous role and A LOT harder!! :001_unsure: on 10th sept and then following wk was back at college for intermediate!! I also had the change from day release to having to study eves!!!

    Was very hard going spending all day learning new systems/processes and then 2 eves at college some days were 12+ hrs with accounts. and i literally just came home and slept!!
    My advise would be put your mind to it and ensure u spend enough time on both elements they are both as important. I cant say it wont be hard because it prob will but think of the end result and if you have managed to get an accounts job before starting studying then well done :thumbup:

    Plus you have this brill website were if u want to rant and rave or just some advise then the people are great!! :thumbup1:
  • steveJ
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    Welcome and good luck.

    Is that an accountancy job you've got ?

    If it is, you've done well aready, considering the trouble a lot of us are having getting into the work side of it.

    What are you aiming for ? Further qualifications after AAT. CIMA, ACCA ?

    Just remember, any questions or problems give us a shout on the forums or if you've got any plans jump into the chat forum and let us know !

    Good luck
  • Jon_1984
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    biggest piece of advice for a new job - Take notes! even if you never refer to them again the fact you have written them will help the knowledge settle somewhere in there...
  • Hawk
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    Thank you!!!!

    Thanks alot for all the advise. I have got a role in accountancy with RSM Bently Jennison. You have certainly helped to calm my nerves and i will ensure i take lots of notes!!! :001_tongue:

    Thank you for being so welcoming. Look forward to reading lots more posts.
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