Dec 09 Exams

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Im just starting Technician by home study, Ive almost finished unit 10 and am wondering which exams to take in Dec. I was going to take PEV,PCR and PTC.

Has anyone done this? Is it alot to take on?



  • dobbieobby
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    Hey Jo,
    Well done on passing everything! As you know, I'm on home study, I did PEV and PCR in June and passed them both :-) I think you're better off just doing these two units, then the Personal Tax (which I'm doing in December along with DFS) next June, saying that though, I started on my Personal Tax book two nights ago and already two chapters make sense, maybe it's easier than I thought?! However, PEV and PCR and REALLY related, so definiately do them two together.
    Good luck! x
  • jow774
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    Congrats on passing PEV and PCR! I think your right about just taking two, Id rather take two and try to pass than struggle at three.

    I may be asking for your help very soon on the easiest way to remember variances as it all looks a bit scary, lol.

    Thanks and good luck on PTC and DFS x
  • taskey
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    i did the same, pev and pcr in june and passed both too. i would advise to do those 2 together as they are taught from the same book and the subjects runtogether, you can use the knowledge for both.

    i too will be doing dfs and a tax exam in december.

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