brain dead :(

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I cant seem to get my self understanding the layout or concept of the pcr/pev questions.

any advice


  • dobbieobby
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    Hi Louise, I did these exams in June and passed both :001_smile:
    I'm afraid to say, it's like, remember when you first looked at a P&L account and Balance Sheet and thinking OMG???
    It's the same, it WILL click.
    My BIGGEST advice to get the variances to go in is to print off old papers and do them again and again and again, noting down things as you go.
    I know it looks scary, I cried my heart out to my mum the night before (I'm 34.......) the exam as I could NOT do it.
    You can, I did.
    Good luck x
  • Louise:)
    Louise:) Registered Posts: 29 💫 🐯 💫
    thx for really fustrated me !!!! and im going on holiday so ill loose out alot of study time .so im stressd out

    but ill practise,, how much study time did u put in to them both?
  • dobbieobby
    dobbieobby Registered Posts: 231 🎆 🐘 🎆
    I work full time, usually can do half an hour at lunchtime (if my Boss isnt nagging) do 2 hours every Monday night without fail, then odd hours here and there, so probably about 6 hours a week on average.
    You could always type all the ratio's and sums you have to know and take them on holiday? Not much fun I know, I took a book on holiday earlier this year and think I picked it up once!!
    And learn WHY variance are out, dont just state that they are. :thumbup:
  • Louise:)
    Louise:) Registered Posts: 29 💫 🐯 💫
    ok thx, ill take the books on my 9 hr flight journey :P jejejeje.

    thx for the boost :)
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