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Hi to all
I would like some advise please, I am currently employed as a s,visor accounts, which is for a nice company with stunning offices but no chance of going anywhere, managers I am sure were born here, good pay but quite a boring job, pension and private healthcare, sickpay, normal holidays, but just cant get excited about any of the work, also asked for promtion and was told they would discuss it and get back to me, that was a month ago , I have been offered a job bookkepper/pa with lots of uk travel overnights 2 to 3 time a month near enough same pay, for a care home group, sounds quite a exciting role that you could really get your teeth into. they want someone to "help organise" MD with get them upto date with technology etc website design etc. possible extra days holiday but no extra benefit i.e sickpay etc
what would you do? also a fairly new company not long registered


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    I would be careful that the new company don't expect you to do absolutely everything, the job description of Bookkeeper/PA would worry me, also risk of a 'new company'. Your current benefits are very very good - pension's not easy to come by and health care too- you don't realise the benefits of those until you get a wee bit older (not enquiring here!).

    Just playing 'devil's advocate' to extend the metaphor (or similie or smilie !) better the devil you know than the devil you don't!!

    I would look out for something with same benefits but better definded role in a good company - your are young you can bide your time.

    some thoughts to mull over anyway!
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