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i have passed my nvq level 2 but failed my nvq level 3. the college i go to is now starting the diploma route. so here are the q's

1. is it better to do the diploma route.
2. if i re-register with the aat as a nvq can i later change to diploma route.

i have done all the skills test for level 3 i just need to redo exams plaese help.

many thanks lisa-marie:thumbup:


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    I started the aat at foundation with kaplan and this was nvq. I have started intermediate with eagle and doing it the diploma as I dont think the job will have many opportunities for evidence. Diploma is less assessments and takes away the portfolio.

    You dont have to redo the whole level as all assessments get banked - your certificate of acheievement should list all skills test completed plus the exam - in order to get skills test 1-4 you need to have wwc completed as the other 4 ST are all reliant on wwc - thats the problem I have as I am in the process of completing wwc and that will add the other ST to my account. I will do the personal affectiveness and health projects over the next couple of wks but still use kaplan to get foundation out of the way.

    AAT prefer changing at the end of a level so it doesnt have to get changed but dont believe there is a problem with it. I am wondering myself as when you re-register it doesnt asked for level of study - apprently when you enter exams it just gives a list of all exams available.

    Hope this helps - I am not very experienced to AAT but im sure the more experienced people on here can tie any loose ends up! :cool2:

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