Unit 10 project!

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I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some inspiration with an accounting system to be analysised? I am currently studing via distance learning and now feeling the disadvantages of not going to college!

I am really struggling to find an appropriate system at the moment, I am currently working in an accounts practice so we are already fully computerised. I was thinking about maybe basing the project on a paperless office kind of thing where all documents are stored on a central system accessable by everyone rather than have millions of clients files in the filling cabinets! would this count?!

Hope someone can help me!




  • mikes
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    You could mention about, what type of industial type of scanner to use, to keep up with the amount of workload that would be expected of it, so that high volumes of paper are stored more quickly onto the servers.

    The cost of training staff on how to use the system and how long it will take.

    The need to keep some information confidential, by the use of passwords, this will go towards the fraud aspect of the project.

    for the cost benifit, also include the enviromental aspect, that would be saved, by cutting down on producing endless amounts of paperwork.

    This does seem to be a popular choice amongst students, so it should be ok to do the project on.

    I haven't got this far yet myself, but this is what i can think of for now.
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    Hi Rebecca

    I based my project on the computerisation of the invoicing system in our department. We have traditionally written some 150 invoices every month for care charges but Finance introduced a new invoicing system and although I work for Social Services I am actually a finance employee so it was down to me to implement it in Social work and train all the staff that needed to be trained.

    At the time my project was completed we had an assessor up from south. he checked my project and thought it was one of the best he had seen. Dont be put off with something unusual as a project - I'm sure if you can cover the major objectives of the report process you will be fine.

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    Hi Rebecca

    I based mine on a computerised accounts and audit system. We already had ours in place so my project was mainly based on training staff on the new system and the best way to get working paper files signed off by a partner and how to maximise the systems potential.

    You'll definitely have a lot of material to work with and you shouldn't have any problems :thumbup:
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    AAT says 3000 words is enough?!

    I'm just struggling with the length of it really - I've done everything it asks of me but I only have 2,500 words so far.
    If you go to the Unit 10 Help page on the AAT website it states it only needs to be 3000 - 4000 words but every other piece of literature states 4000 so I am a bit confused!:001_unsure:
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    Its a minimum of 3000 words, maximum 4000 words
  • jow774
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    Ive read 3000 to 4000 but my tutor is inisisting on at least 4000.
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