Aat unit 33, 10, 19 books free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi everyone!

I completed my AAT Diploma this year and so I offer some books left from my stydies for FREE, just pay postage or collect them from Birmingham.
Books are following:
1. AAT Unit 33 Tutorial + workbook Osbourne books from 2006
2. AAT Unit 10 ( for project)
3. AAT Kaplan UNIT 19 Personal taxation for 2009 ( for december exams) - this bought in June 2009 for 18£ and I found it very very usefull more the Osbourne the same book, so i would sell this one for 10£.
4. AAT Business Taxation and Personal Taxation for 2008

Please contact me by email: [email protected] and we will arrange delivery for them or collection. If you need one of them please let me know too.
Thanks a lot. And good luck on your exams!!!


  • lma
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    hiya, do you still have the unit 10 book? if so what publisher is it?
  • Karen68
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    Osborne Unit 33

    Hi ya, I know it was some time ago but you wouldn't still have the Workbook for Unit 33 for sale??
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