Starting Level 4 soon....

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Really looking forward to the challenge, i got no accounting work experience and i was wondering if i could get some advice as to what i can expect and what advice you guys can give me for me to be successful on this?

also if i am studying part time 2 evenings a week, how long will it take to finish? and have any other people here passed without having any accounting experience though i am hoping to find work soon i hope!:thumbup:

my route has so far worked like this:

Left school at 16, went college to study level 2, passed that, then level 3 passed that recently and now in couple of weeks, starting level 4 and i hope by december once am settled in my course to find a job and be in employment, would take any salary.:001_smile:

I wpuld be willing to take any salary but what should be looking to get, i am 18, got no accounting experience and am level 3 AAT part-qualified and currently studying level4, so what should be my salary based on me???


  • Pinchy
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    If were in local government you would prob start on around £17K but it is very hard to get in the minute because of the climate most jobs are only going internally.
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