How are people buying books and doing their tests without paying colledge fees?

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Is it against AAT rules to buy books and do exams and skills tests without buying (paying!) the whole unit? If not then how can it be done? With exams it seems easy - you buy the books, study, pay and sit the exams. But what about the skill tests? AAT doesn't organise them, where can I do them if I did not buy a course and only bought books?


  • sebastianforbes
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    unfortunately, you can't.

    with skills tests, you have to pay the going rate for the full course.

    it's a lot more convenient than sitting a central examination, whilst maintaining the high standards that aat expect from their students.
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    Contact your local provider or one of the long distance providers.

    My college has now changed so that you pay perunit so you only attend ones you need to, maybe yours can provide a similar solution?
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    I did a similar thing for Technician after paying for a BPP distance learning pack, only to get the text book a revision book of questions and a few mock papers. So for the rest of Technician I purchased the text books for exams and purchased the skills test units (inc project) as individual distance learning courses from FTC (now Kaplan) and Premier Training.

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