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I am doing CBE ECR resit this week. Frantically revising but unable to check answers on the practice CBE. Not sure which bit I am failing on.
Does anyone have the answers or has anyone done the practice. Not like the Paper Exams where at least you can see where you are going wrong.
Any help would be appreciated.:mad2:


  • toria1979
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    i am having same prob i cant see where i am going wrong, i am finidng the whole thing very confusing on the cbe with rop down menus etc!!! did you find it hard to work out??
  • flower
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    I am finding the whole thing confusing. Think some of it is harder than paper.
    You cant show workings so calculations must have to be 100%. Have done the whole thing twice and convinced that I have correct answers and still getting unsuccessful.
    Just wish I knew which bit was wrong.
  • toria1979
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    i just cant work some bits out on the questions for journals i dont see any bank options etc and on the trial balance i dont know what im missing out but im sure its all major stuff i just cant get my head around the whole bloody fra exam
  • flower
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    Because I am sitting ECR first am trying to get my head around that. So different to the paper exams. Very frustrating because you cant show working so calculations obviously have to be spot on. Just annoying that you cannot check where you are going wrong.
    I am not even looking at FRA until I have done the ECR. Think with the FRA if the option that you are looking for is not there from the drop down menu, then must be something that is there. Prob best to go through a similar question on the paper exams and try and see from there where you are going wrong. If you post the particular question, then at least someone can give you guidance. Hope this helps.
  • tammin
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    HELP! Im not too sure where to find these CBE practice papers?? I'm resiting on Wednesday!

    I'd be really grateful if someone could help me... :) thank you in advance

    EDIT::: Okay, well - I have found them - what about answers though?
  • toria1979
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    I have now done the damned thing 3 times, some of the drop down menus i cant even find the account i want ie on the disposal account for credit side!!!
    i have no idea which bits im doing wrong but i resit on monday or tuesday and whats the point if you dont understand what to use account wise on this thing its all so different! cant get marks for workings or anything.
    am so frustrated i could cry i will be doing the paper one in dec at this rate for a fourth time!!
  • flower
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    Having same problem with ECR. I have emailed AAT to see where answers are.
    Very frustrating when you do not know where you are going wrong. Seems pretty unfair especially when you cannot get feedback from June exam unless you pay for it.
  • KVeevers
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    Good morning

    I have tried the CBE but the thing is with computer based Exams that you get it right or wrong
    due to scroll down the pages it’s hard to concentrate( I personally find this) I’m not a big fan of cbes that’s why I decide to do 1 exam at a time FRA will be me first one in December. Good luck to those who doing cbe .
  • flower
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    Finally got to grips with the ECR CBE and passed it. Was just silly calculating errors.
    Just got to pass on the day now. Anyone else taking them persevere with them.
    I was almost in tears yesterday and couldnt work out where I was going wrong but today just rechecked everything. Only got to get to grips with FRA now.
    Good Luck to anyone else taking CBE resit.
  • noodles
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    where do you find the practise CBE and I want to enrol to take this asap but feel i have no guidance as to what to do.
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