tried the cbe twice simulation and failed

i have tried the online cbe fra exam twice now and i just find it hugely confusing as he drop down menus dont give me the accounts i keep looking for? i cant put bank in for things etc??
is everyone finding it quite straight forward to do this or am i just not ready to retake???


  • flower
    flower Registered Posts: 160 ? ? ?
    I am resitting both next week. Doing ECR first so am leaving FRA revision for now.
    I have look at FRA CBE. Some of it seems straighforward but some of it confusing.
    Think I prefer paper exams. Really annoying as I passed 2 part of paper but have to resit whole paper. Just wish I was able to check the answers to see where I am going wrong.
  • toria1979
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    did you do your re sits? how did they go?
    i still havent passed the computer based practise one and i have the real thing tomorrow afternoon!!!!
    am absolutely bricking myself as its gonna end up being a dec paper re sit when i fail
    this will be my third time taking FRA and i am well and truely sick of it.
  • flower
    flower Registered Posts: 160 ? ? ?
    I did my FRA CBE today and thankfully passed so can now go onto Technician Level.
    However, I did ECR resit on Saturday but failed. Think that was mainly due to the training provider, I wont say which one, but it was a fiasco. We started 45 minutes late and computers were freezing and invigilators walking past people the whole time so was really distracting. Think I may complain to AAT. FRA was quite hard and you did have to think about answers. Still think I prefer paper exam. At least you get marks for showing workings and unlike computers don't crash. Good Luck. Let me know how you did.
  • monami
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    Hello! I have passed both cbe's in the last two days. to be honest wasn't easy at all. the system is not as good as you would expect from it. but if you are quite good with computers and used to work with them should not have any problems except the freezing screen from time to time. Personally for me was much better than paper one. Prefer this version easier to concentrate results so quickly I am really pleased and I have passed both!!!hurray! I definitely recomend them. Good luck to all.
  • GreenMousey
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    Out of interest are you allowed paper/pen and calculator for the CBEs? Just wondered because I hada quick look at the practice one on this site and I needed both to answer some of the questions :001_smile:
  • monami
    monami Registered Posts: 3 New contributor ?
    sure you can use calculator and paper I would not manage without:lol:
  • Andypandy
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    Congratulations Monami!
  • monami
    monami Registered Posts: 3 New contributor ?
    thank you! really proud after all and gave me a good kick to move on level 4 :)
  • A-Vic
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    monami wrote: »
    thank you! really proud after all and gave me a good kick to move on level 4 :)

    Hi monami congrates

    A girl i went to college with wants to do this for ECR resit what is it like compaired with the paper exam?
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