Is it normal

MWAUGH1983 Registered Posts: 420
Just wondered really that is it normal to have a motivation problem when begining a new level?



  • AK002
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    Probably after the 2ish months of relaxing (?)

    I actuallty cant wait to get back to study (self confessed geek here..)

    Gives me something to do, i feel like i just sit about every evening doing nothing!
  • steveJ
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    Im studying by distance learning and started the intermediate straight after sitting the June foundation exam to keep the tempo up really.

    Ive sat back before, for a break in revising and it took ages to get back in the frame of mind.

    Just remember that starting a new level is getting you a step closer to the end result.

    Keep ya chin up !!

  • A-Vic
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    I go back to college monday cant wait :thumbup1:
  • jow774
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    Totally normal, is for me anyway.

    After the intermediate exams I got straight into unit 10, then hit a wall of 3 weeks, am now just starting Pev and Pcr.

    I had the same thing when I started every unit on intermediate.

    If I feel really unmotivated I give myself a day off, wait until the next day and decide to study for 10 minutes only, once you get started you usually dont want to stop.

    Its alot easier if your brain thinks your only going to study for 10 mins! Ive only got a small and tired brain so 10 minutes is just right for me, lol.
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