MIP practicing without MIP certificate!

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Hi everyone,

I am in a bit of a predicament! It's quite a long story so you'll have to bear with me!

I passed my AAT tec qual last year and went to the achievement award ceremony. I bumped into a guy who was on my course who had started his business and had applied for (but not yet received) his MIP certificate.

Recently, I was made redundant and decided to take matters into my own hands and look at becoming a MIP myself. Having only been an employee I thought I might like to contact someone with a good idea of how to start your own business so immediately thought of this chap.

I couldn't find his business card, so I thought I'd search the MIP database for his contact details, but I was surprised to find he wasn't listed.

Now there may be several reasons why he isn't listed but I can't help thinking that he might be practising without a certificate. I like the bloke, however am I duty bound to report my suspicions to the AAT. It might turn out that there is a genuine reason he isn't on the database, also I don't want to appear to be snooping into his affairs, I was hoping to count on him as professional cover.

What should I do?? :crying:


  • AK002
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    He can practice without a certificate as long as he isn't "selling" himself as AAT qualified (if that makes sense...) I think! Hopefully someone will confirm this!
  • Damo8604
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    Oh I see! That makes sense! Cheers AK :001_smile:
  • qwerty
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    I may be wrong, but I thought if you were a full member and practiced then you had no choice, you must register as a MIP (unless you were exempt) at stated here.
    If you're an AAT full or fellow member offering accountancy, taxation or related consultancy services to the public in the UK or Channel Islands, you must become an AAT member in practice.
  • Psyche
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    I think you have the option of whether to be listed in the MIP database or not.
  • deanshepherd
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    AK002 wrote: »
    He can practice without a certificate as long as he isn't "selling" himself as AAT qualified

    I don't think that is true.

    Personally, I would have a chat with him. If you want to be an MIP then you have to quote the membership number of the AAT member who is going to be your professional cover so that might be a good place to broach the subject rather than be confrontational.
  • mikes
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    Although he may not be fully qualified with them, he may be registered with another accounting body, and doesn't need to be registered with the AAT.

    I'm not sure if the ACA will have a full membership database of registered people regardless of their qualification.
  • payrollpro
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    I am currently going through my registration and I have been told that even if I am registered elsewhere I must still show this as part of my AAT registration in order to avoid being disciplined. I have chosen AAT but I have to pay to reigster this with ATT and the IPP. Expensive but I'm told its mandatory.

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