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AAT Accredited Employer

AK002AK002 Font Of All KnowledgeRegistered Posts: 2,492
Can anyone explain the advantages of my employer becoming an AAT accredited employer, i found this part on the website but it didn't really explain much.. http://www.aat.org.uk/accredit/ all i see is something to do with my not needing to show CPD?

Help folk :D


  • stevefstevef Well-Known CarmarthenRegistered Posts: 258
    The four main advantages that spring to mind:
    1) AAT accept that by following the accredited employers in house development programme AAT Members automatically achieve their CPD requirements and therefore do not have to keep records.
    2) As an employer, I receive statements of achievements for the students that I manage. This gives me details of assessments completed and those outstanding. This makes it easier to keep track and to draw up work experience programmes.
    3) I receive occaisional newsletters to keep me upto date with developments and remind me of registration and exam dates. I can then nag the students to ensure they meet relevant dates.
    4) There is cudos attached to being able to claim that you are an accredited employer. From a recruitment point of view this should help in showing that you are a good employer and give you a competitive edge.

    Employer accreditation is worthwhile but there are a number of fairly high hoops employers have to leap through, particularly around staff development. We are also an Approved Employer for ACCA and CIPFA, both equally as worthwhile, but perhaps even harder to get!
  • AK002AK002 Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,492
    Thanks for replying.

    We're (my employer) already accredited employers for ACCA and ICAS...
  • stevefstevef Well-Known CarmarthenRegistered Posts: 258
    In that case getting accredited employer status for AAT should be comparatively easy, from memory, AAT will except your ACCA approved employer status as all the evidence they need to set you up as an Accredited Employer.
  • AK002AK002 Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,492
    So it's just a formality then lol filling in a form etc..

    Good stuff, saves me doing CPD then :D
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