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i am currently practising unit 31 sage.
things were going pretty well when i got stuck up with stock opening balances entry!
according to book, to enter stock opening balances,
1.click products
2.highlight the items with speciific code
3. click record
4. choose blank box labelled IN STOCK and next to it a button labelled O/B.
First 3 steps were completed and i couldn't ffind the blank box IN STOCK in my screeen...i am stuck up. MY screen shows many boxes like product code,description,intrastat com. code, ctegory,com. code description,location ,weight...unit price,nominal code but not the needed box.

should there any other settings done prior to this entry?

could anyone help me in entering stock opening balances?:confused1:


  • *Jo
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    this happened to me also when i was doing unit 31. The copy of Sage provided with my course (Kaplan) did not include this option. I was told not to worry as this would not come up in the Simulations as the criteria had changed. My textbook was out of date.

    A quick call to your colledge/training provider should confirm this.

    Hope this helps,

  • Kecak
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    The problem will most likely be that you're on Instant Accounts, which has no stock levels whatsoever.
  • Durga
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    u were right

    u were right jo and Keak.
    i checked with my tutor...and they confirmed it is out of syllabus and the book was printed prior to confirming syllabus.
    Just relieved....
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