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1.2 (B)

i dont know how to get the closing figure ?

help please :)


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    Here is a quote:
    December 2006 feedback from the Exam Review Panel (ERP)
    The Exam Review Panel (ERP) met from 23-25 January 2007 to consider performance and recommend competence levels for the December 2006 papers.
    In task 1.1 there had been some misunderstanding of the five periods. Student feedback on this task indicated a deficit in basic mathematics skills including the usual misunderstandings of how percentages are calculated. “3% of finished stock” was misunderstood by some candidates.
    In 1.2 there was a tendency not to notice that there were two limitations, not just one. In 1.2(b) many candidates reallocated the resources rather than doing the simple calculation expected.

    Looking at my answer I can see I approached it in two ways at the time.
    I prefered this one:(rather like a cash budget bank balance)
    Saleable production
    - Forecast sales
    = Surplus/shortage
    + Op stock
    = Cl stock

    If you send me an email with this as the exact subject, you can have a copy of my answer:

    Please can I have your answers to the Dec 06 PCR paper?
    [email protected]
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