Intermediate certificate - where is it?

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I have passed the 3 simulations & both exams but no certificate has turned up yet. As far as I am concerned I have completed the year 100%.

However as I am not going on to techniciam level I have not paid my AAT subs. Is this the problem?

Anyone else had any trouble getting their certificate?

Also where are the model answers to 2009 June FRA, I passed it but would like a peek at the correct answers & examiners report.




  • Laura Cameron
    Laura Cameron Registered Posts: 46 ? ? ?

    I have not had my certificate yet. if you log onto myaat and view your statement of achievement then you will know if you have anything missing for example have you did health and safety and working with computers units ?

    I do not think the memebrship fee not being paid should affect you getting your certificate.

    If you are still concerned you should jsut send an email to AAT thats what i did and it now says when i log onto myaat congratulation you have complete level 3 AAT....

    Also you should check with your trainer/college that they have informed AAt of your simulations being passed as this was why i had not recieved mine.. also certificates are issued monthly so it could be that you will get it next month...

    hope this help....

    Laura x
  • AK002
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    Answers & report are on the AAT website once you log in.

    Check your statement of achivement, if your collge hasn't yet submitted your Skills Tests to AAT they don't know you've finished it.. can take a wee while.
  • katie2008
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    As the results were only released about 2 weeks ago, I wouldnt be too concerned. yet.

    The results might take a few more weeks to come through. If you are not going on to tech, is it worth just waiting until mid sept??
  • alanhporter
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    IT issue

    I spoke to the AAT, they think it might be an IT issue. There are no outstanding uncompleted tasks to do, so it should sort itself I hope.

    Its just the the AAT are great at saying how great they are but the magazine & website don't live up to the hype.:glare:
  • Laura Cameron
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    Thats good at least you know it is a problem at AATs end. I had the same issue they said my simulations had not been uploaded by my tutor but they had and it was also blamed on an IT fault..

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