Decisions to make on Tax units

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I've been to register for the Technician level tonight and we were told which units we are studying which are Units 8,9,10,11,15 and 17. We have no choice over these units but when asked if we could do the tax options we were told that we can do them but only as self study and then take the exams through the college.
I'm interested in both the tax options as ideally I would like to work in practise after completing all of my study (hoping to go onto ACCA next year) so would it be a good idea for me to do them or would it be too much to fit in one year?
Thanks for all suggestions.


  • jen
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    It would probably depend on how you where studying. I have just finished Technician and did 6 hours a week in the evenings at college. I did both tax units as my options, but I personally dont think that I could have managed CMCC and Audit on top of that, and the other 3 exams and the project.

    You could consider changing colleges - that is probably what I would have done if I couldnt do the options I wanted to.
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    I did 3 options over the year of technician and I'm sure i would have struggled to do audit as well.

    I wouldn't bother, stick with what you are doing unless you have a huge desire to have all 4 options!

    You will cover the tax units again in F6 of ACCA anyway
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