* Year End Procedures*

Does any one have any advise on completing year end procedures?

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Alicia x


  • jow774
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    Can you be more specific? Year end can be different depending on your role in a company or your job.
  • Alicia
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    I have to complete the year end procedures for the accounts of a company - these will then be sent to the accountant to finalise.

    I am aware of accruals/prepayments etc, but some guidance on anything else i need to do/include for their attention.

    Also, i am the only person in the accounts dept - the person that i have taken over has retired.

    Thank you x
  • crispy
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    I would of thought things like reconciliation of your control accounts at Year End including:

    Bank & Cash / Debtors / Creditors / PAYE / VAT / Stock etc...

    Printouts of the Nominal Ledger by Account Code / Trial Balance as at Year End and Fixed Asset Register or Lease Agrrements.

    Basically if you can prove out your Balance sheet account balances this should assist the accountant completing the Year end financials.
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