unit 21 and 22

KAY786KAY786 Just JoinedPosts: 2Registered
need Help with health and safety and working with computers projects.... can any1 pls help me as I have to give it in by next week.. i work for a two people firm and they dont have any booklets on this and are very busy to help.. I would be grateful if someone can help me plz...:confused1:.


  • taskeytaskey Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 1,800Registered
    google is a real help for those units.

    i just printed a load of booklets and user guides of the internet and they were fine.

  • KAY786KAY786 Just Joined Posts: 2Registered
    im really desperate for sum help as i hav onli few days left and as i been abroad due to death in family, i am behind can sum1 plss help...
  • GreenMouseyGreenMousey Well-Known Posts: 154Registered
    What help do you need? I googled a lot of the policies and such to include on the health and safety report.

    Mouse x
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