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Hello -

My employer has rather inconveniently told me that they will be supporting my AAT study from the end of next month.
So sadly, it seems I have missed the boat for December exams.

Of course, I can still sign up but will have difficulty in organising evening classes that haven't already begun throughout September.

Can anyone recommend a good training provider with regards to Classroom study/Home Study, so I can be ahead of the game when June 2010 comes around?

Thank you:thumbup1:


  • AK002
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    Colleges are just only starting back (mines started today) so maybe ring around a few providers and see if they have had any drop outs, you may be lucky!

    Exam registration doesn't end for a while.
  • Staffz
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    Don't worry, just explain to college and depending on level ask about funding, then employer only pays extras like exams. I started my level 3 in November 2007, and sat costing exams in the December with no prob. If college assesses you and thinks you can cope, they'll take you on course. If you put your mind to it you'll be fine, in all took me til June this year to obtain MAAT status (well Aug. Result date)!
    If the college won't assess you as an individual, you are best with a different one.

    Good luck,

  • MWAUGH1983
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    I have just changed to eagle education - they are based in wales and are a home learning provider and they come highly recommended on this forum.

    Its early days but they seem a good provider.

  • Jon_1984
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    whack it on a credit card with 56 days interest free payment and then submit an expense claim at work? thats what I did when they agreed to start paying just after I had paid the first installment for intermediate....
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