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yey, im on line with mobile pay as you go internet, 34 quid vodafone with free 15 top up, im on my lap top computer,
downloaded the latest exam question paper and answers
but can't get on cbe because i dont have flash any one know about this.
any way, the internet connections great, I wasnt expecting to have this much access from pay as you go.
good luck to all those just starting college, have fun :thumbup:


  • steveJ
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    I think its a flash player you download. Check out you may be able to get it for free.

    My sisters got the mobile internet and she loves it. She was surprised with the connection aswell.

  • CJC
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    The FlashPlayer is free anyway. Usually, if there's Flash content on a page it'll detect if you have the player installed and provide a link to download if you haven't. Otherwise you can get it direct from Adobe -
  • jkc
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    thanks guys:thumbup:
  • rachy1975
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    i used a dongle for over a year before i got broadband...only reason i got broadband was for my son to have xbox live....i still use it at work now or in the middle of a field if i have a signal...i think they are brilliant!!!
  • blobbyh
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    I've gone the other way, cancelled my Virgin broadband and gone wireless so I could get the free netbook to replace my ageing Dell. With T Mobile so the signal's pretty robust even if the speed isn't always great, plus unlike all the others, they don't charge you extra if you exceed your data allowance (though they do reserve the right to inhibit your connection speed).
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