Unit 10- Guidance

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This may sound like a stupid question but I have been puzzling over it for weeks now!

I am doing the simulation for Unit 10 and am unsure how to proceed for the sections- encouraging colleages to report issues etc and resolving or referring these plus referring problems to the appropriate persons.

In the simulation are appendices on employment law to do with Request for flexible working (with child) and disciplinary procedures. The info in the simualtion have two employees who come over those procedures.

Question how would you tackle this/ lay it out? Thats the bit im having trouble with :001_unsure:

Any comments be appreciated!



  • speegs
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    I did the case study for my project and I used the BPP book as this gave an explanation of what each section of the report should be and what to put in each of these sections. Get yourself a copy of the BPP book and you should be fine.

  • Pinkjo
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    I second the BPP book. I have just received it and it is so much clearer than anything else I have read. Now... where's that motivation to get started past the title page on my project.... :lol:
  • speegs
    speegs Registered Posts: 854 Epic contributor 🐘
    The motivation is hanging there in the empty certificate frame on your wall. Just do the project to fill it.
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