Help needed re which tax subjects to take.....!

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Am looking for some input to help me decide what to study as am half way through my Technician studies. Have already passed PEV, PCR and done Unit 15(cash & credit). Just been to enrol for the remaining year and now in a dilemma.

I am going to study Personal Tax and do my project this term with DFS to follow after Christmas. I am thinking about doing Business Tax aswell. From experience is it better to do the 2 tax subjects together or seperate them. I am worried I may get confused :huh:

The teacher gave me an idea that maybe I could study Personal tax in class, and do distance learning for Business tax to take the June 2010 exam. Not sure what to do now....! It is food for thought but would I be able to study at home, but then I would get 6 months to do it and now 3.....? :confused1:

Any input greatly received

Thanks xx :001_smile:


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    I can only say what I did and that was to study PT first and then BT. I started in Sept, took PT in December, started BT in January and took the exam in June. PCR & PEV were sat in Dec and June of the same academic year. I know of people who studied for both tax exams together, but think I would have been confused by that (For me it doesn't take much!). I believe once you have got the hang of PT, BT is a natural progression, although there is still a lot to think about.

    A lot of people do technician over 1 year,whilst you seem to have got 2 exams out of the way already which does mean you will have enough time to study for both taxes.

    Congrats on passing those BTW.

    Hope this helps
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