UNIT 10 Third party references

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I am almost complete on my unit 10 but I have to adjust to ensure that no third party terms are used. I have erased all reference to I/he/she/we but I want to know whether I am allowed to refer to they & them. These terms do not always relate to employees, it can refer to situations, documents etc etc. I am already trying to reduce my wordcount but by replacing all of these terms it is drastically increasing it as I have to use two or three words instead of one! Can anybody advise please....

Many thanks


  • Karen L
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    As the appendix do not get included in the word count, I would use this section as much as possible without going over the top. Where your forms are concerned, create an appendix for these with a numbering system then in the main text you can state Form A, Form B, - therefore cutting down the word count. Just a statement saying 'Refer to Appendix 2' for forms' could be enough at the end of the section.
    Again an appendix can be used to list situations if too wordy for the main text - as long as you cross reference.

    Hope you go on ok ! The finishing touches are always the worse !
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