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Lynn S
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Can anyone help me with an excel formula i've been trying to do. I have two columns of figures and wish to put the lower of these in a 3rd column


1 24.5 36.9 ?
2 48.3 23.4 ?

So i want a formula that states if A1 is less than B1, c1=A1, and if A1 is greater than B1, C1=B1.

Hope that all makes sense, I know what I mean lol



  • sab2905
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    Re Excel Help

    In C1 =if(a1<b1,a1,b1) is what you need!

    Good luck

  • Ed1
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    For Column C, enter the following formula and drag down:


    Hopefully should do the trick.

    Edit: Sab beat me to it.
  • Lynn S
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    Thanks very much for that, it works. You have both saved me a lot of time and effort.

    Thanks again
  • oakley
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  • PGM
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    oakley wrote: »

    I used to use the if function, but this is easier for that purpose, especially when you're wanting the lowest figure for a cash flow etc
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