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I tried printing supplier activity report but it misses the first 2 suppliers account. It should start from supplier a/c 3000 but the report started from 3002, I tried to start the generation from 3000 but still the same. I tried to start from blank on the ranges box but still the same...

Anyone know the problem? Thanks :-(


  • Pinkjo
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    I'm not sure, but you should try the sage forum. Don't know if you're allowed to give out links, so just google sage forum - they're really helpful there.
  • Kecak
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    When you run the report and you get the 'criteria' window, does it even have the option to select the supplier account references?

    If not, probably means you've accidentally highlighted some suppliers.

    Also, what is the exact report you're running? if it's some kind of custom idea, could be that it's not picking up the correct variables??

    Other things you can try depend on the version number you're on...go to Help>About and it'll let you know.

    Alternately drop me a PM and I can try to have a look into a few things for you.

    Eg. Have you got the list sorted by account reference? Do you have any searches applied? If you click Clear > Record --> and try to enter reference '3000' does it look like the account actually exists? (could be a problem with the data).

    Failing Sage if you've got support or drop me a PM.
  • moneymotivated
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    Re Sage help

    Similar to the above post......

    Try highlighting the two accounts that are not appearing in the report.

    Then run the report again.

    If the two accounts do not come up again, have you checked there are transactions in the two accounts?

    You prob have already done this but also check trans range and date.
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