Help needed! Please

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Hi Everyone

I need some help, as I am just starting to set up my own bookkeeping business and I am in the midst of creating an advertisement to go in the local papers etc.

My query is that I have just completed Technician stage (August 2009) and want to put on the advert that I am fully qualified AAT. Is this ok to do? Am I breaking any rules or regulations by doing this?

Eventually I want to apply for MAAT status, but at the moment I have just broken my ankle and my referee is on extended holiday, so unable to apply for at least another month maybe two months. But I am so bored at home and would like to get some work to do at home, and also start the ball rolling for my business.

Any help would be appreciated.... Thanks:001_smile:


  • Thomasl1
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    Hiya mate.

    Unfortuneatly you will not be able to advertise your services as an AAT qualified accountant/bookkeeper. You are only able to do this when you apply for full membership and then apply for an AAT MIP (Member in Practise) license. All this can be done through the MyAAT section, however as I said you will need to be a full member (MAAT) first.
    Any other questions, feel free to ask. (Reason I know this, I am going through the MIP application process as we speak lol)
  • Hayman
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    Thanks for clearing that up Steve, and good luck with your MIP application.
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