sick of IAP

I have just failed my IAP sim and I am devstated. I worked so hard on this but my tutor simply said the competence level on this sim is so high. How the hell is that supposed to help me.

I now have to do another sim on auditing which I am gutted about as my college does not do any other option unit.


  • reddwarf
    reddwarf Registered Posts: 528
    Gawd, I feel for you Glynis... :mad2:

    This may be controversial but you could pick another optional unit and do it by distance learning - thereby completing Diploma or Technician - sorry not sure which you are doing.

    The college might be pissed off as they don't get the credit but but does the AAT care where you do your exams/sims?
  • *Jo
    *Jo Registered Posts: 509
    Hi, hopefully you will get back a copy of your sim so you can see where you went wrong. This might help with you knowing which areas you are stuggling with and so where to concentrate your revision.

    Im sure all the hard work will pay off in the end :thumbup:
  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970
    Dont give up your almost there just think you passed an exam you was sure you hadn't :001_smile:
  • mark057
    mark057 Registered Posts: 354
    Hi Glynis,

    I feel for you because I hated IAP too.

    I'm suprised your college has not told you what you got wrong and given you an opportunity to correct the errors. After all it's a skills test, not an exam.

  • garfield
    garfield Registered Posts: 10 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Hmm, I finf it very odd they haven't told you exactly where you went wrong. My college used to sit you down & go through the paper, point out your errore, and whether they fell into the 'allowed' errors or not, and then tell you whether you'd passed.
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