Starting Foundation AAT / holiday booked for next year - HELP!

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Ok quick background,

Me and husband seperated 18 months ago, but we get on very well still- there was no hard feelings at all, and about 3 months ago when he asked about booking holiday with the kids (3 of them) we agreed to go together- separate bedrooms- to his grandparents apartment in spain,so that the cost was minimal for both of us, as I am on benefit and he pays the mortgage for the house me and the kids live in. So it was booked for 3rd-17th June.

Now at this point I was taking the adult numeracy courses through learn direct and did not have a long term plan at all. When i finished 6 weeks ago, my tutor gave me some information about the foundation AAT courses running at my local college and urged me to do it as she felt i would enjoy it obviously its a better qualification than a gcse equivilent.

I had my enrollment and interview the other day and really really happy that I have a place. Went out yesterday to order my text books and buy some stationary i will need when i start on the 22nd. came home and google the AAT courses and came across here- but i see (with dread) a thread about 2010 exam dates when i am on holiday??? I thought NVQ's were all assessment based (i did one before) I am really really worried as this is all booked up jointly and i cant change mine without changing theirs and its £25 each to change plus any increase in fare. I honestly feel sick with worry, i have emailed the woman who interviewed me who is one of the tutors, but i have not slept all night worrying about this and still no word.

can anyone shed any light???


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    Not sure how it works but I believe that you can take Computer Based Exams for foundation any time you are ready so check with your college when you could take these.

    Hope this helps
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    You can actually do the Intermediate level without ever having taken Foundation, so just carry on and do Foundation level and take the exam in December instead.

    This will mean that you can carry on and learn the basics, as I guess that you have no prior experience, and can still go on and study Intermediate next September.

    You can then take your Foundation PLB exam along with whichever Intermediate exam(s) you wish to do in December. You won't have missed out on your holiday.

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    Kaylis don't worry too much about the exams as I'm sure that you can take them computer based anytime you feel ready (giving the college you choose 2 weeks notice).

    Also what Anna said that you could always take the foundation exam in the december so you won't need to worry about missing your holiday. Remember studying is all well and good, but you need to have a life to make it all worth it. You can come back off that holiday refreshed and ready to carry on studying.

    Any questions always feel free to ask.

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    As said, you can take a computer based exam for Foundation and Intermediate so not to worry about the holiday :)!.

    Welcome BTW.
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