How do you book for FRA exam by CBE ?

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Hi, I am studying FRA (unit 5) via distance learning and want to do the exam by Christmas. You can now register for the exam on 2nd December but I believe you can also do it anytime via CBE. I cannot find any information on CBE on the AAT website. Is there a list of centres? Do I still need to book a long time in advance, or can you just book at short notice when you are ready to do the exam. Really appreciate an info. Many thanks.


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    On the front page of the website or in MyAAT there is a link, which lists all the centres that do classroom training and some of them offer CBE's. You will need to contact them to find out if they offer it and what the notice period is, to do the exam, as each one may be different. Also BPP and Kaplan which have centres nationwide also offer it at all their centres.
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    If you cant find it on home page, which I couldnt I can forward you the email that they sent me with the questions and answers regarding the CBE exams. I have just passed CBE FRA.
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    Flower - that is very kind of you - I have PMd with my email address. Thank you very much indeed.
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    i can not find the website either, can you please send the email to me at . many thanks
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