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I am currently attending university and I have split my final year in half and realistically believe that I will get a 2:2 (not that I've given up on aiming for 2:1). I want to get into a big blue chip company like PWC but you need a 2:1. If I took the AAT would it override my degree and boost my career prospects? If so how long is each qualification I mean whats the time period for them and is the work mainly coursework or just purely exams? Thank you for your time please forgive me if I have missed anything out as I am new this forum and do not know much about AAT. :001_smile:


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    From personal experience from PWC if you have the AAT you would be looking at their experienced careers path which they advise rather than the graduate route. Obviously with that you need to have work experience. The AAT would be an obvious advantage but I think you would need to build up your work experience more than anything before you go down that route.

    You can do the whole AAT usually over 3 years from start to finish but depending on how much time you want to put in you can make this shorter. I plan on completing mine within 18 months.

    The AAT is purely exams until your final year where you have to complete a project.

    My advise would be start the AAT to gain the qualification and knowledge and try and get a job working within an accountancy firm either in industry or practice to build up your experience. After a couple of years doing that, start looking at your options with the big companies.
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