Simply Books - Help please!

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I'm just revising for my Unit 31 of Intermediate level and have my skills test in the next few weeks.

I have downloaded the trial Simply Books programme and have been working through the revision questions but I seem to be stuck on posting journals and running the subsidiary ledger reports. Everything else seems really straight forward but I can't find any information on how to post journals to correct errors or for posting petty cash claims. When I check the entries in the 'entries to keep an eye on' report I seem to just end up with incomplete or unknown transactions for the journals I think I have completed.

I've been through my BPP course companion and the Simply Books Help but don't seem to be getting anywhere.

I also can't seem to run subsidiary ledger reports....?

Has anyone had the same trouble or am I missing something really obvious?

I'm used to using accounts packages so I'm not sure why I'm struggling, starting to think I should have gone with Sage option instead..

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